I don’t really talk about my other stash–fabric. Most of my fabric stash was actually a gift. Lots of what I think is old mid-century quilt fabrics. Anywhere from a yard to 3 yards each, I have a trunkful of this stuff. I know how to sew, but I am not very good at it. I just am out of practice.
There is a great fabric store about 90 minutes from Asheville. Well worth the trip if you have patterns in hand. Unfortunately when Glenda and I went, I had nothing in mind other than “let’s see if I can find a summer top pattern first.” Ninety minutes of combing the pattern books and bravely confronting the complete Nazi behind the pattern counter, I found these:
6492nlb.jpg 6938bnl.jpg 6976bnl.jpg
But after my morning search, I was pretty overwhelmed by the selection at Mary Jo’s. I came home with a linen like remnant (washing made the polyester fibers pop up and the drape is just not what I was hoping), and a nice eylet cotton in a yummy chocolate color.
My sample sweater is coming along nicely. Had lots of knitting time in the car on the trip to Mary Jo’s. But my carpal tunnel is giving me and my acupuncturist fits. I am so ready to be done with this project. I keep having to reknit it because it is just too easy to drop stitches under the cables when there are cable stitches right next to each other across the row. I want to make some summer shrugs to go with the new dresses I want to make with that fabric.