I swear I was going to spend the entire Memeorial Day weekend in the yard working on my fantasy garden. And actually I did get quite a bit accomplished on Saturday. But the yarn was calling me Sunday and I decided to dive into the stash and revisit some long forgotten UFOs, in hopes of finding some instant gratification and relieve a little of the guilt that comes with unfinished projects. So like a good exCatholic Grrrrl hell bent to repent, here is the skinny on what was collecting dust int the chest of UFOs:
The Homespun Cardi
This is actaully my first foray into making sweaters. I started this Fall 2001 in Birmingham right before I moved here. The yarn was a new line for Lion Brand. I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw a girl at my craft group wearing a very simple sweater that her mom had made out of this very colorway. Found this pattern online. I actually finished the body pretty fast, but once I moved to Asheville I became a yarn snob and was wooed by all the natural fibery goodness here. But I still love this yarn and this sweater. I even found some sweet abalone buttons that go wonderfully with it. I estimate I could finish this in a weekend.
The Fitted Cotton Cami
I am so pathetically close to finishing this I almost did not include it in this list. After reknitting the Vogue Crossover tank 3 times (only to find it was still too big). I made this tank to prove to myself that I really can size a garment. Inspired by Bonne Marie’s Chickami, I just guessed at the pattern and added a button back. So what is to keep me from weaving the ends and wearing it tomorrow?
I hate the way the button placket rolls. I think there is a simple knitting solution for this. If not there is probably a binding tape solution. I think I can finish this puppy in an evening so long as I have a marathon of my Sex and the City DVDs and a couple of beers in the fridge to “calm my nerves.”
The Cabled Cottton Tank
Another blast from the past, I am guessing spring 2002. I think I was actually throwing when I knit this one so I have a feeling the gauge has changed (since I now knit in continentally). This one is hard to knit because I am using a yarn that is a little thicker than what is called for and small needles. The cotton has no give so I really have to push the stitches along. I think this tank could be finished in a weekend if my hands could stand it. But since I will have to take breaks often, I would say maybe a week.
The Corsetted Sweater
From the Spring (summer?) 2003 Interweave Knits. I love, love, love this sweater. It was pretty difficult for me at the time. I still have the sleeves and ties to go. I would say It would take me less than a week to knock this one out.
The Himalayan Cardi
This yarn was originally slated for the Einstien Coat Winter 2004. But the weight of the yarn varied so much that the fabric was way too thin for the big overcoat styled sweater. I decided to use it to make Lerk from the Dale of Norway #126. I love Dale of Norway patterns. They are so well constructed–minimal finishing. I think I put this one down when the weather got warm and just never got back to it. I’d say this one would take me 6 weeks to finish.
I loved this sweater…The cool hues of the yummy 100% alpaca from Elann.com at an equally yummy price. A Dale of Norway pattern also from #126–designed with minimal finishing. The classic timeless design that just screams snow bunny. But I was so not feeling the love when it came to the F***ing sleeves. The pattern was wrong and everyone who was participating in the knit-a-long did have to make adjustments to the sleeves which were written for chicks with knuckles that scrap the ground. After forgetting to increase in the fair isle of the sleeve–and realizing I was going to have to shorten the sleeves anyway, I put it down and have yet to return to this one. I think the game plan is to start sleeve #2 with new adjustmnets, then reknit sleeve #1. I would give myself 2 week to figure this puppy out. A Sex and the City marathon of marathons and but no beer here. I need all of my brain cells snapping for this one.
Mill End Project #1
This was me falling off the yarn diet last year. The mill ends table at Earth Guild sometimes yield pretty cool stuff knitted up. And for cheap! This was a rayon mill end that I fell in love with. I designed a simple Kimono sweater. I think I put down when I became stumped at the neckline. I have a bad habit of changing my mind about instructions I write when I actually knit them up. This time I confused myself somehow with the math. I think it will take an evening to re-figure it out and about two weeks to finish. The thing I hate about mill end yarn–they have to have SERIOUS blocking. The sweater leans heavily to the left.
Mill End Project #2
This was a favorite pattern from and old Interweave Knits that was meant for a rayon tape yarn. I think this rayon mill end works well (except that intensive blocking thing). I started to knit both sleeves at once. Not a bad way to ensure the sleeves are exactly alike…especially if you are winging it with no pattern. But I ended up forgetting to move to the second sleeve and getting ahead of myself on the first sleeeve. I say I could finish this one in a week, but it would probably take an additional week just to block it.
Dad’s Christmas 2004 Vest
This poor thing was 95% done until my Dad tried it on. It was WAY too big. So I will reknit it smaller and if he is lucky he will be able to wear it…by Christmas 2005 (okay maybe 2006). I’d say it would take a good 3 weeks to crank out.
Denim Shrug
This thing really has very little dust. From last spring’s Interweave Knits, this is shrug is a replacement for my favorite denim cropped cardigan. Got the yarn from Elann months before I found the pattern. The swatch really did wear like washed denim. I am about half way through this one. I could finish it in about 2 weeks.
The Land of Unfinished Socks
Now there is really no excuse for these UFOs–I have whittled my sock production time to 3 hour per sock.
And actually I cranked on these this weekend.
This is a pair I gave my brother and sister in law (just one sock each) for Christmas 2002. They are still waiting for the mates. Again I could crank them in a weekend.
Not-So-Dusty Half-Linen Stitch Shrug
Which brings me to my current WIP. Inspired by the fab shrug patterns at Interweave Knits online, I designed this pattern using a yarn combining method I learned in Laura Bryant’s color workshop at the TKGA 2004 conference.
I am using some yummy yarn left over from a photo shoot. I could crank it in a week or so, maybe faster, but I get pretty bored with the pattern pretty easily.
So there they are. Surely a summer’s worth of projects to keep me out of trouble.
Of course that is not including all the yarn I have in the stash yet to be slated for projects.
Or yarn that I would like to get for all those patterns I want to knit up. Or all the handdyed handspun I am ready to experiment with. (More on that tomorrow)