No I have not been on a knitting hiatus just a blogging hiatus. I was offically kicked off the knitting ring for lack of, well, entries. Oops! Maybe someone will read this.
I have a half a dozen new projects on the needles (but have not managed to finish anything). I also have a new yarn dying set up in the basement. Took a yarn dying class and have gone crazy with my undyed handspun and spinning my hand dyed roving.
My garden is now twice the size of last years and dog free thanks to electric fence. I managed to somewhat win my fight with the dogs over a garden bed near the house. I now have a beautiful pond.
I also have a new boyfriend. Yes truth be told I was just too busy to blog. But he has been even busier–installing my electric fence, cleaning out my basement for my studio and installing the pond.
So no I have not fallen off the earth, or into a slump (but thank you david for checking on me), or given up knitting (or blogging for that matter). I have however been full of creative energy and insanely happy. Pictures to come.