I am not even sure what to blog today. I have had very little sleep. Was up all night checking results of the election. I am most upset about the way the media has handled the polling. I varied widely among the stations and I am not even talking about Fox News. I actually heard Charlie on Good Morning America say Kerry just needs to go ahead and concede. WHAT???!!?? IIf my vote was in there I would want it counted even if it was the only one for Kerry. It’s like shutting down the marathon before the last runner crosses the finish line. Just count all the damn votes already. I can wait.
Otherwise I am just livid. I don’t feel like Republicans think that I have any rights unless I am a white christian submissively married middle class suburbanite with 2.5 kids. They are paving the way for all my gay friends to lose their right to expreess their committment to the one they love (But they are okay with the Vegas drive through chapels so long as it is a man and a woman). I want to move to Canada.
Yeah I’ve been knitting but right now I really don’t give a shit.