Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) was this weekend. Instead of spending $$$ on yarn and fibery goodness. I bought these instead. Quick take my temperature. I do not know what is up with the pink shoe kick. I only know that I love these boots like crazy and have pretty much worn them all weekend. I may take them off tomorrow to wear the other shoes.
This is the only thing I got at SAFF.
A beautiful roving of merino and tencel. The white stuff are the shiny tencel fibers. I know if I was a good knit blogger I would have brough my camera and document the event half as well as I did LEAF last week. But I was rushing through the show as fast as I could to avoid lingering over all the stash enhanciment possiblities that were not going to happen. It was an excellent show. A lot more venders than last year. A good turn out by the West Asheville Stitch and Bitch. Can’t wait to see everyones purchases on Wednesday.
I did manage to finish the body of Gerbera/PetMe?. A lady at BeanStreets Actually recognized the pattern as a Dale of Norway. She has a friend knitting one as well. HMMM wonder if it is a friend of the Gerbera Knit-a-long?
I finished the neck Sunday morning. It took forever because I was sleepy and distracted (No handsome stud this time just the ususal suspects who would not let me count a row with out trying to speak to me). Had to knit and unknit the first row of the neck decrease in front 5 times. I still was short a stitch on either side. Only working on the sleeve at home (that is when I have been knitting at home). Way to much concentration involved. The increases and decreases of the lace pattern are balanced. I have to really keep track of that balance as I increase for the sleeve shape, working StSt to maintain the increase/decrease balance wherever neccessary. OY! But that is even going pretty slow. Have not been doing a lot of knitting at home. So I will be getting a lot cranked on the kimono sweater in public. Working that one as I go without a pattern. Just my sketch. But so far so good.