And hour left in my work day, and it is going so slow I can’t stand it. In an hour I will start my 4 day weekend. I have been so sleepy lately. And the work I have to do is not helping any. I am culling through our typefaces to work my next book in–all 1225 of them. Scrolling through them is utterly mind numbing. I have nobbed off no less than a dozen times. It does not help that I am back on an insomniac schedule of about 5 hours of sleep at night. Hope to sleep in a little tomorrow to try and catch up. Not a lot of knitting to talk about. Cranked three rows on Gerbera/PetMe? sweater and cleaned my knitting bag. WHEEEEE. I did get the opportunity to take a customer service call today. A sweet lady from Omaha had a pattern question and I walked her through it until she got it and answered some gauge questions for another pattern in that same book. Kind of cool. So it is to the Pub tonight and the beginning of my 4 day weekend. If 4:30 will EVER get here.