It is like today is the first day of fall. The weather has been pretty comfortable for the last few weeks. Almost downright chilly at night. But today I noticed the leaves have lost that glossy green look. The top of the maples have already started to turn. Some of the trees were stripped of their leaves in last month’s crazy storms. But I would say in a week or so it will look spectacular. Good choice, Lee. I think things will be in full color for your visit here. And no risk of being snowbound. {she says knocking on wood}
What can I say, no knitting at all since Monday. Not even at my lunchtime Stitch and Bitch where I just bitched. I will probably bring my kimono cardi to the pub tonight because it is mindless enough to be productive, unless I can hammer out the neck decreases as soon as I get home from work. Here is and updated progress pic