**Again left wing political commentary to follow**
Watched the VP debate. Well most of it. I started milling around after they started bickering over I don’t remember what.
I do think Cheney was a better debater, unethical as hell but a pit bull. I particularly like the tactic of attack and worry about accuracy later (Nothing new for this administration). Nice move. Without conscience, but nice move. I think Edwards needs to work on his poker face. Otherwise he seemed to hold his own even though his southern charm rather was whimpy next to Cheney’s bully tactics. I was disappointed to be disappointed in Edwards. I wanted him to be as dynamic as Kerry was the other night. But I did come away thinking Cheney is indeed as big of an asshole as I initially thought and I am glad Edwards is not running for Pres this time around.
I kind of feel a little sorry for Bush right now. Don’t you know from the minute he walked away from the podium last Thursday he has been coached 24/7. I have no doubt they are planting Condaleeza in plain view to feed W hand signals and they are working on the plastic surgery for some poor stand in just in case. I’d like to see the SNL skit on that.
The debate on gay marriage is just plain silly. I think everyone in a commited and deeply loving relationship should be able to exercise the same rights that Brittany Spears exercised for 56 hours in Las Vegas. I just can’t wrap my brain around the idea that it has to be a man and a woman. Love is love.