I think that is what it is called. Startitis–the urge to repatedly begin new knitting projects before finishing old ones. Saturday night I put down the Gerbera/PetMe? sweater and picked up the rayon/cotton mill end after seeing a sweater in at Mast General that is the exact shape of what I want this sweater to be. Plus there is a hair of a chance it will go with my new shoes. This sweater will be kimono style hip length with palm length fitted sleeves. A very small garter stitch edge and icord ties, unless I hate it then I may just sew a brown cordoroy edge and ties. The Mill end stuff knits up fast but the yarn is heavy as hell I am already more than 2/3 the way through the first cone and only 3/4 the way through the back of the garment. I ended up going back to Earth Guild to get three more 1lb. cones. I am to the neck decrease of the Gerbera/PetMe? on the back.
Took yesterday off because I got absolutely no sleep. Nada. Watched the clock roll over every hour until finallt at 5:30, I decided to give in and just send that PTO email in hopes that I could catch up during the day. Was not able to nap either. But so far I am not hurting from it. I actually have a fair amount of energy. Go figure. I am sure I will crash tonght around 7:30. But the VP debate is at 9, so I might do a disco nap when I get home.