Yep one hell of a week.
Got an extension on my book–a fat one because the production manger will be out of town for a week. So yesterday was a goof off kind of day. I was trying to come up with some clever little graphic that wasn’t to overwhelming for my book. But, I was too wrung out from the weeks stress to give a shit, so I surfed the internet and doodled some “ideas” in my sketch book. Scheduled a massage for 4:30 today. Taking a break was just what I needed, came in fresh this morning and cranked out what I needed.
**Nonknitting left wing political commentary to follow**
I have to admit I was a little keyed up about how the debate was going to turn out. I was even watching Chris Matthew’s left wing preshow and I still was not feeling encouraged. I really wanted Kerry to build back my confidence in his campaign since the media seems to be slanting to the right across the board. And by golly he did just that. As I told a coworker who turns her nose up at any form of TV–I hate it for those who just listened to it on NPR, because the body language just said it all. Where George Bush was rolling his eyes looking annoyed and impatient, Kerry displayed all the confience and assurance that I wanted to see in my president. I really almost hated it for Bush when he was stretching for words. It was as if the hamster paused on the wheel and the time lapse was just long enough for the befuttled “UMMM..” to escape. Ouch. I felt that John Kerry was very clear about his ideas on foreign policy (and how and why they changed!) and I was insulted that Bush spent more time with the tired old scare tactics (the first words out of his mouth were predictably “On Septenmber 11th…”) and harping on Kerry’s flip flopping like a child screaming “he’s not playing by the rules”
It is refreshing to live in a place where I feel like my vote will count. I have to admit when I was in Alabama I did not always vote. Alabama is a die hard conservative republican state. I really never though my vote was anything more than pissing in the wind, so I never gave it much thought until the last presidential election. I have friends in Florida who are still mad about how their votes were “lost”. So 4 years later, live in a state with a little more liberal thought and I feel compelled to exercise my right to vote and that my vote will be counted.
**off my soapbox now**
So while watching the debate, I swatched some stash yarn in the half linen stitch on a #9 circ to see if I wanted to do a stash buster klaralund inspired sweater. I think it will work but I need to sort the yarn a little better. I ripped out the swatch before I could get a pic of it. I will shoot progress this weekend.