The waters are still a little high but the power is slowly coming back to everyone who lost it. I did not go into work on Friday. There were so many powerlines down that the city suspended bus service and told everyone to stay at home. Evidently the skylight over my desk blew off and everything got soaked. Good thing I did my semi annual office purge last week. I had $5000 worth of film right where the puddle is now.
Things I learned with 2 catostrphic floods in two weeks:
-The camping equipment is going in the attic not the basement
-I can survive without electricity a lot better than I can survive without water.
-If I set out my old trashcans, I can catch water to flush with.
-Although I tell myself I could survive on peanut butter for a week if neccessary, after the second sandwich that theory completely goes out the window.
The sad news is my LYS was in the flood plain an suffered significant damage. The yarn is okay but the building is toast.
I did get a ton of knitting done over the weekend. I am to the snowflake pattern on the sweater (I know, pix coming tomorrow). I started it up at Beanstreets yesterday and got 4 rounds before I realized I screwed up somewhere. I need to be somewhere where I can focus and not be distracted by handsome single dad and his adorable well behaved children, (the 7 y.o. daughter knits!). Sunday morning I was able to see my breath it was so chilly. We are now hitting the 40s at night. Good thing I am cranking on this sweater. I think I will tackle the sleeve fix for the age of aquarius this week while I am in the knitting groove.