I have filled every container possible with water and set my old trashcans to catch the rainwater to flush with. I think the city has really prepared for the flood waters this time, but they are now saying the power will go out when the ground oversaturates and trees start toppling over powerlines. Have a camp stove and lots of candles a nice front porch with rocking chairs where I imagine I will be spend my time knitting until the power gets fixed.
Went to do my vital laundry last night and I could not find my supersized bottle of laundry detergent. It is either at Jeff’s or in the trunk of the rental car. And from what I understand it is like a mad house at the grocery store. I do have enough underwear to last the week, and the clothes are fine. But, my favorite dress is not clean, and I handwashed my cutoffs.
Got the first proof of the newsletter out the door. As well as the last hurdle of preliminary proofs for my current book at work. I am totally taking it easy tonight.