No Stitch and Bitch last night. The flood has damaged the treatment plant. So there are water restrictions everywhere. The Pub was closed as was most businesses and schools in town. I have not had a bath. I am hoping the heavy deoderant and essential oils will mask whatever I might smell like by the end of the day. Then again this is Asheville. I will just smell like all the other street hippies.
This past weekend was the Lexinton Avenue Art and Fun Festival (LAAFF). Interesting to say the least. Imaging taking every freak in Asheville and dressing them in costume and allowing them to play and dance in a 3 block area. The art was really hippie/new-agey, there was something called bicycle jousting that is as silly as it sounds, lots of earthy vegan food—and beer. I found myself standing in a crowd of people watching a dreadlocked hippie girl flail to the beat of an african drum. Call me crazy but that was not what I would call entertainment, so I left. All the sage in the world could not squeegie the funky mojo that was invading downtown that afternoon. As my friend Suzanne said… Are you really surprised there was a major water main break one block over the next morning?
I did crank on some rounds of the Gerbera/PetMe(TM) sweater. I am almost finished with the second ball of teal yarn.