The spammers are posting. I logged on this morning to 30 more. By the time I cleared them up rebuilt and saw 5 more already posted. I think an IP ban will temporarily fix until they change the IP address. Today at lunch I am looking for recourse. These folks make direct mail look good.
Thanks David, for the update on what we talked about last night on the phone. I really was not posting to you I swear, just bitching. You are a doll for being such a generous sweet you.
The Gerbera PetMe sweater is cranking right along. The side stitch markers tend to confuse me, so I have had to back up the knitting some. Still have not had the heart to rip back the Age of Aquarius sleeves. But then again I have some time. I will not be wearing this thing for a couple of weeks. I think I want to have it done in time foe the LEAF mid-October. I have friends who will be in town for the weekend.
I painted my bedroom this color. American Tradition in Bridle Leather Brown. It looks great. The room did not get a lot of light to begin with. Now it is invitingly cozy and cave like. Almost 2 years in my house and this is the first room I have painted. It was the one requiring the least amount of prep work.