Insomnia is nothing new to me lately. I am so sleepy right now I can’t stand it. Not only have I not been able to get to sleep before midnight, I have been waking up freakishly early. Last night I realized it was Sid’s insanely loud snoring that woke me up. He is 37 pounds of sheer sonic boom. I got up no less than a dozen times to roll him over, prop his torso up, make him swap beds with Sebastian. I had visions of lining up little snore strips down his nose. Finally resorted to the super delux rubber earplugs, heard nothing after that. Hell, I am not really one to talk, I can rattle the windows myself. Poor Sebastian. But, SidSaw aside, I am still not getting the ZZZZs on the front end. I think my Friday summer hours will be spent taking a nice fat nap.
I am in the mood to finish something wooly. We have had freakishly cool weather. Cool enough to convince the bradford pear trees to start turning. What the F***. It is Mid August right? But oo-la-la this mid 50? weather at night is fabulous. So I will hopefully chip away at the Age of Aquarius(AoA) this weekend. All this work over the summer and I still have not finish a damn thing. So far the AoA sleeves are going pretty fast. Maybe I’ll have it finished in time for the first REAL cold snap.