My computer at work was upgraded to OSX this week. Finally our main software and the big “font issue” got resolved and the IT guys are slowly making their way through the Art Dept. making the big switch. I have spent THE ENTIRE DAY surfing through all of our new fonts looking for typefaces to design my next book with. My focus is now a little fuzzy. Thank God for our dual boot machines, I have already had to go into some old files that were not translating to well.
David helped me with my spam issue. Well, best that we could, MT-Blacklist isn’t working with my earthlink acct. Got a couple of spam this morning, but 2 is way better than 40. Can’t complain. Thanks, David.
I got absolutely no knitting done last night. We had 6 new people at the Pub Stitch and Bitch. Four of them were new knitters. A great batch of girls, this group is getting more and more diverse. HyperTeen? is being force to bring her grades up before she is allowed to return. A good thing–the new girls had lots of pitchers of thick dark beers that would be prime targets as HT? flits from one end of the room to another spilling everything in her path. But these girls are tough cookies. I can only imagine how that scenario would have played out. I have ditched the evil Victoria Tank for now. I was not able to gracefully fix the dropped stitch. If, and I do mean IF, I decide to pick it back up (one cold day in hell), I will make a chart and rewrite the damn thing to start the round in a LOGICAL place.