I finally went to see Farenheight 9/11. It made me cry a lot. Again, I won’t get on my political soapbox, but this movie had some scary facts and a lot of info to chew on. I brought my Victoria tank to work on, but 5 minutes into the movie I dropped a stitch that is not fixable in a dark theater holding my keychain light in my teeth. We’ll see what I can do this evening. Began the sleeve of the Age of Aquarius at BeanStreets this morning. For the most part it was just me and the boys. Kara and Marilyn came later in the morning. It has been an absolutelyu beautiful weekend. It actually has been cool enough to wear a sweater, and it feels like fall is not that far off. Worked in the garden, went for a bike ride and visited with friends. Tomorrow is the art departments annual swimming day. We are going to the Penland Gallery and the Toe River for tubing. I have had the top off the car for the last couple of days and plan on doing my share of the driving tomorrow. It is a great time of year to have a convertable.