…because I assumed everyone would know what it is that man gave me. Sorry guys. They are shuttles used for weaving. They look rather old and well used but in great condition. One of them is missing a spindle the other has a spindle with red thread.
I don’t weave, but don’t think I have not thought about it.
I totally bailed on Stitch and Bitch last night. I am PMSy and a little whiny. Saw friend of hyper teen in the window of the pub on the way home from work and knew that things could get ugly. I opted to stay home and order in tacos from LaPaz. Watch cheezy adolescent surf movies (my absolute latest addiction…bad surf movies with great surfing fotage), and lay in a pile with the menagerie.
I am probably one evening away from finishing the front of the New Age of Aquarius. All I have left are the sleeves and finishing. It seems like the sleeves went very fast last time, but they were too big. At this rate, I will definitely have it done by September.
I worked on The Victoria tank last night. I seemed to have droped a stitch. The beginning and end of the rounds are at a place where the yarn overs occur. It is way too easy to drop stitches and/or lose track of where you are. I refused to start over again (for the 4th time) So increased one stitch and decided I could live with stitching the tiny gap closed at the bottom edge. I love the shape of this pattern. Next time I would shift the pattern about 4 stitches to have the ends of the round occur between the decreases.