I am crocheting.
I blame it on Minna and Megan. I have been hasselling Minna about picking up a couple of crochet projects. Then Megan came back from New Orleans with the most incredible crochet Poncho I have ever seen and said “Stacey you could do this.” She is so right. All it was, was 2 inch medallions of different colors made with a super fine weight silky yarn. They were attached with a very open weblike chainstitch join with small irredescent beads and a long fringed edge.
I crocheted some medallions at one time out of cotton crochet yarn, but never did anything with them. Last night I broke out the stash yarn and made a couple of Hexagon medallions out of an old book I have. I also made acouple of medallions with some yarn left over from this weeks photo shoot. I am thinking I would piece them together in a tunic or poncho. Well see. I would take a picture but my camera is broken. I will have to see if I can get the company one this weekend to post some progress pix.
I survived week one of the photo shoot marathon. 18 babies in 2 days. It was a zoo. A hint to those knitting babie hats–loose the fun fur and mohair around the face. The kids absolutely hate it. All the pix of the hats with super fuzzy edges are of the kids trying like crazy to take them off. I also survived my crabby photographer. I just need to see the film and sign the invoice and I am through, Needless to say I will be using someone else next time. Next week is concrete garden stuff with a photographer that I really dig. It is just going to be hot as hell outside. Please dear god do not let it rain.
I am almost to the arm decreases on the front of the Age of Aquarius.