I am trying to tie up a million loose ends before I disappear for 2 weeks of photo shoot. It is 2 different shoots (one week with 18 babies in crocheted hats, one week outside withe concrete garden stuff). All while juggling a kids book on a super tight deadline. I totally bonehead forgot to schedule a test shoot, so I am now going to have to tap dance my way through a quasi test shoot(showing the first morning’s film, crossing my fingers). Just too much on my plate right now to schedule anything different. As id it were not bad enough that I am STRUGGLING to find politically correct babies in this not so ethnically diverse town. Looks like I will be doing my propshopping this holiday weekend.
The Age of Aquarius is going pretty fast. I am able to crank a cable repeat withing an hour. I bet I can get it finished by the end of July.