There were no everything bagels today (would that make them nothing bagels?). I opted for the sun dried tomato bagel to go with my orangina. I had the option to go white water rafting with folks from work. Something I have wanted to do, but I am a little behind on my style sheets. So I had to pass.
I have downsized my knitting bag. I am now sporting a casual straw tote that I got a few years ago in Birmingham. It is one big cavernous space that is a bitch to sift through, and is not very well balanced when it is full, so it spills easily. But it looks fabulous with all my summer clothes. I have only been working on socks lately so it will do for now.
I know–I am stretching for knitting content. I’ve not been knitting a whole lot the last couple of days. I have fallen into a knitting lust rather than a knitting love.