I knew I should have called in sick. Today seems to have the funky mojo tied to it and I am already having a weird day. And its not that I feel bad, butit has to do with how I am relating to folks near me. Whatever, hard to explain.
I finished the Regia socks at Beanstreets and started on a redo of the koigu socks. I am getting the urge to pick up one of the bulky winter sweaters I started earlier this year. Knitting big wool is not ideal during the summer, but what the hell. I am glad to have a little of the knitting love back.
This weekend was low key. Putzed around the house and volunteered for a garrden tour in the chi chi neighborhood. I don’t feel so bad about how overgrown my garden has gotten. Some of the gardens looked a little rough and they have lots of money and garden staff (Ahh what I could do with a yard boy). I saw no intentional companion plantings. And I found a few of those gardens pretty boring. I think I was stationed at the best of the bunch, although it was a bit more formal than what I would do.
I am avoiding the work I need to crank on today. I really just want to go home. It’s lunchtime, maybe a walk will do me some good.