Until the season premiere of Six Feet Under. Mark and Tom may be here or not. They are coming back from Atlanta. I have burritos for them if they show, and lots of texmex lunch for this week regardless.
So I cast on for the second regia sock. I started Koigu ankle sock with the yarn left over from the socks I made this spring, but decided I did not have enough yarn. Too bad, I like knitting with koigu a lot better than Regia. Just me and Bob knitting at Beanstreets today. Patty came by just for breakfast. Paul and his dad were there. Have not seen them in months. Karl jut sat and drank coffee. A pretty low key morning. But, some motorcycle dude had my attention today. He was quite handsome but looked a little silly in his Tron (anyone remember the 80s?) like body pads. He did lose the gear (yes black sleeveless t shirt underneath) so he could sit and have breakfast. Drank a lot of coffee. Rode a red Asian bike. Had the the hair do of an accountant and was quite tall. Vroom.
This weekend I did nothing but clean the house and sort through stuff for the attic. It is amazing how easy it is to keep the house clean and organized when you have the storage you need. I did not realize I had so much old clothing I no longer wear. Started sifting through it all to see if there was anything I could remake into something I would wear. Deciding what can go to goodwill, what can be sold on ebay. Went through old files and pulled my winter clothes and coats from my closet rack. Worked on reorganizing the studio office a little more.
Not the creative weekend I though it would be, but boy it feels good to unclutter.