So my lunch time Stitch and Bitch went to the not-so-local yarn shop in Black Mountain. Lots of tantilizing tectures and colors. But I came away without making a purchase. Maybe it is the way the store is organized. I never really feel that there is enough of the yarns that I can afford to make a sweater. There are tons of fun novelty yarns, but a girl can only have so many scarfs and I am not in a buy a skein here and there and mix it up kind of girl. I even took classes at the TKGA conference on mixing it up and loved the stuff I swatched. But not in a whole sweater. I think that shit would make me look like a large peacock. And don’t suggest a vest. I think I look like a premenapausal fiber bitch in that kind of vest.
So the yarn diet still stands. I will finish one of the Regia socks tonight at the pub, probably start the other.
So I finally found an easy solution to keep the dog from digging in the flower bed near the house–cayenne pepper. I dowsed his favorite spots with the stuff. Yesterday I came home to a tiny scratched patch in the pepper the rest was untouched. A good thing, the electronic fence looked a little intimidating to install. I still might consider tackling. But I did figure out one of the reasons he digs. Evidently I have a stray kitty living under the back porch. She(he?) popped out to say hello this morning while I was out feeding Sebastian. She was pretty thin and missing some fur on her tail. I gave her a bowl of food which she devoured. Sebastin loves the kitties, but she was a little freaked out, he knew to stand back. Oddly enough there was a can filled with dry food on my curb steps this morning. Must be from my neighbor across the street. Dad had mentioned an orange kitty in the basement when he was here visiting. I am thinking it was her and not the kitty across the street. I’ll ask around, but she looked kind of thin and battered to be a pet.
Like I need another cat.