My guess is I got some cold virus at the LEAF. Tickle in the throat, that one nostril that will not stop running. Sunday I had the urge to stay home and take it easy. I have been really busy lately. Physically I am just tired. Woke up in the middle of the night and could not get back to sleep, so I sent the “out sick” email and slept in.
LEAF was great. There was a great turnout and I had fun just wondering around. There was some great music, a lot more art and healing arts than in the past. Paul’s sister, Betsy had a booth. She and her fiance, Mike were selling photos. She had her embroidery and I had my knitting, we had a mini Stitch and Bitch for a while. I left before the thunderstorms.
I am almost finished with the body of the tie front cardy. I think I am going to work both sleeves at the same time on a big circular needle. That way I know they will both be exactly the same.
I have been really good about sticking to the stash diet. I went to Mary Jo’s fabrics in Gastonia to get some fabric for a couple of craft projects I am working on for one of our books. OH MY GOD. Great fabric great prices. I got the stuff I needed to do my projects and a $6 piece of lime green linen for a sundress. It was a bit of a drive but totally worth the trip.
Off to take some more vitamin C and nap.