I know I have semiannually gone on and on about this festival. But if it were not for the LEAF, I would not have found Asheville. This festival is everything I love about where I live. Got big plans to go by myself, set up the camp chair cooler and knitting near the mainstage.

Dance, do yoga, listen to some good music and just chill.

LEAF always reminds me of making that decision to move here. Finding a city of like minds, moving here and immediately felt at home.

Knitting has taken a little of a back seat to the garden. The herb festival was last weekend and I got lots of cool stuff. I am slowly turning all my greass into garden. I really hate mowing the lawn.The Mountain Sports Festival is also this weekend. Sunday in the window at Beanstreets will be the place to watch Downton Asheville become the Land of Beautiful Men. I will be sure to bring the mindless knitting.