West Asheville Stitch and Bitch is now official. They posted our flyers at the pub. The email list is at 55. Lately we average a dozen knitters each week (and one quilter). We pack in the tiny front room. Who knows now, we may end up spreading out to the back patio when the weather warms up.
I am on a knitting hiatus. My eyes have been fuzzy and twitching. Staying up late knitting, proofreading large pattern charts and 8 hours a day in front of the computer. I moved my monitor back 6 inches hoping that helps a little bit. Tried on some reading glasses I have from a photo shoot and realized I don’t need them just yet, unless I plan on holding my work 3 inches from my face. I guess I just need to do some knitting that I do not have to look at and go to bed before 11pm.
Finally nailed a design for the knitted afgan book. Routing style sheets for approval today.