On Friday the acupuncturist noticed my energy was down and I was pretty stressed out. I hold my stress in little knots under my shoulder blades. Lately, when I get overworked I get a tick in my left eye. I think it makes me look somewhat insane. I haven’t really felt stressed but the tick is back and my shoulders are tight. It was a little scary having needles placed around my eye and in my neck. I was pretty loopy when I left.
A little energy work, some spackle and a heat gun and I was up till 2am repairing the cracks in the walls and stripping the paint off the woodwork. It will probably take me all summer before I can even think about painting, but it looks fabulous. And my arms are killing me. Knitting hurts. Sprent the evening working the knots out of my forearm. Slathered on the tiger balm last night and hit the sack at 9pm.
I am almost to the neck decreases on the Age of Aquarius and almost to the pockets of the Dale of Norway Cardigan–Lerk. Cranked a couple of dishcloths (two at once on my long brittany walnuts). Bob brought me some lamb’s pride cotton fleece in a sweet pink color. Enough for a sweater I am looking at the long tie front cardigan in the latest Interweave Knits. I know I said I was on a stash diet, But does it really count if the yarn was a gift?